Voice search optimisation: get ahead of the game

With the rise of mobile internet users globally, you need to start optimising your website for voice search. Many mobile internet users utilise voice search when they’re commuting or when their hands are full. Some users like the convenience of not having to type search queries.

Many smartphone users also utilise voice search AI such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. The voice inputs are used to perform a search, and your website could be targeting these users if you optimise it properly.

Internet voice searches are rapidly increasing, and one day soon, it may become the most popular method for search queries. So, how can you make sure that your site benefits from voice searches too? Here are a few guidelines for voice search optimisation.

Make your website secure

You need to ensure that your site is secure by getting an https domain. Google already favours secure sites by ranking them higher in results, but when it comes to voice search, Google often chooses web pages itself. This means that Google will automatically choose your page if it’s an https domain.

Most of the voice search web results chosen by AI are secure domains – 65% to be more precise. Secure domains work by encrypting communications between your device and the website. This added layer of protection means that your information is safe and Google likes that.

Be an authority on the internet

We all have our favourite websites to go to when looking for breaking news, financial advice, travel booking and even cat videos. These are authority websites that offer exactly what we are looking for.

While it may take years to build an audience and reach the point of becoming an authority, you can speed up the process by ensuring that your content is unique, valuable and sought after. You should also aim to be an expert source in your niche.

To become an authority site, you need to generate a lot of backlinks and social media shares through useful content that can’t be found elsewhere on the internet. Your website also needs to be functional and offer the best user experience possible to ensure visitors keep coming back.

Small changes such as tweaking the site design or improving the fact-checking of your articles can do a lot for your traffic. Eventually, your site will be highly ranked by Google and will benefit the most from voice search traffic.

A fast website is a good website

Not only is a fast-loading website great for user experience, it also boosts search engine rankings and voice search traffic. A website should load in under 4.6 seconds – that’s faster than half of all websites on the internet.

Your site will benefit from voice search if it loads fast. Visit Google PageSpeed to get insights into your loading speed. Simply enter your URL and let it analyse your site. It will provide you with a score out of 100 and suggest ways to improve your site’s loading speed and optimisation.

Optimise your content with short answers

Many websites use long-form articles and detailed studies to disseminate information. While statistically, long articles and blogs perform better in search results lists, you also need to provide short answers with your content.

Website pages with over 2200 words are ranked higher on Google than pages with only 200 words. The more content you have, the more can index your site for different keywords and the more traffic you will generate.

If you’re targeting voice searches, you need to provide quick and short answers within your longer articles. This is easiest to achieve by breaking your content up into subheadings followed by short paragraphs of one or two sentences.

These sentences will be targeted by voice search AI and Google to provide quick answers to users. When Alexa gives the user information, it most likely comes from a website with a lot of content but with short paragraphs that can be broken down easily. The AI will choose the best sentence(s) and repeat them to the user.

These tips are very similar to general SEO improvement techniques for your website, but they will also benefit your traffic. By implementing these ideas, your website will generate more voice search traffic as well as organic traffic from search engines.


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