Video as part of your content marketing strategy

No content marketing strategy is complete without a video rollout. Videos are some of the most popular types of content on the internet as they offer strong visual representation, sound and ease of use for the viewer. A visitor would rather watch a short video that read a long article.

Video is an important part of a content marketing plan, but getting started can be quite difficult if you don’t have the budget or the equipment. However, the benefits of using videos on your website and social media channels is massive – making the investment well worth it in the end.

Equipment is not a barrier

Luckily, most smartphones are fully capable of producing high-quality videos nowadays, and some even come with built-in editing apps and features. Producing videos has actually never been easier.

Obviously more expensive camera equipment, lighting and microphone setups are preferable, but many marketers and vloggers are turning to smartphones for their videos. They are simple to use and are lightweight – no camera crew required.

For more professional video content, consider hiring freelance videographers, editors and animators. Alternatively, you could also partner with existing companies specialising in video production – that way you can take advantage of professional services and use them as an extension of your own content team.

How to implement video into your content strategy

The easiest way to start implementing more video content into your rollout is to look at existing content campaigns and seeing where video can be used. Look at how video can help tell a story – it’s easier to show the audience than to tell them about it.

See which articles on your upcoming content rollout can be supplemented with a 30-second video, or which stories can be entirely replaced with a three-minute video. Think about producing a series of short clips to illustrate a campaign better, or to tease an upcoming feature for your website.

Remember that short videos are often better for social media, and longer videos perform better on YouTube. You can always post a five-minute video on YouTube and then share 10-second teasers on Facebook to promote the content.

Another easy way of getting more video content onto your website and social feeds is to create videos around events that your company participates in or hosts. It can be a great way to show your audience what initiatives you support and what events you attend. It can build a better brand image for your company and show that you are active participants in society.

Your ultimate aim should be to fully integrate video into your content strategy. Keep an eye out for opportunities that lend themselves to video production – stories and news bites that will best work as short video content for your audience to consume more easily.

Using videos on your website and social media platforms will encourage audience growth, drive site visits and increase your following. The potential for clever video content to go viral is at an all-time high, meaning that your audience reach can be multiplied in a matter of hours.


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