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Finding content for your website can be a struggle sometimes, especially if you work in a niche industry with few authority sources. Sourcing news stories and industry developments can be hard if nobody really knows much about your line of work.

To keep your website fresh and relevant, and to keep your social media platforms up-to-date and active, you need to upload content to your website as much as possible. This can be especially tricky for new businesses. Luckily there are a few tools and websites that can help you find content for your website and social media channels.

Find holidays and popular events

One of the best ways to keep your content relevant is to link it to certain holidays or popular events. Globally recognised days such as Earth Day or International Literacy Day offer great opportunities to create relevant content that will perform well on social media.

Forekast is a great website for finding current events happening today and in the coming weeks or months. Events are uploaded to the website and upvoted by the audience, so the most popular events appear at the top of the daily lists, allowing you to easily find the best events to write about.

You can plan ahead and look for next month’s popular days and events, which gives you loads of time to schedule and create content in advance. You can also add certain events to a personal calendar so that you won’t lose the inspiration for content.

Look to the past for content inspiration

Like Facebook Memories, past events that happened today are always interesting for internet users. The conjure nostalgia and memories that we associate with certain events or dates.

The History Channel’s website has a ‘This Day in History’ page that summarises the most noteworthy events that took place on the current date, in previous years. There is also a sidebar that contains links to other relevant events and news articles from historic events.

Create new content around old events is something that humans love to do. They also entice shares and comments on social media. One great idea is to source vintage photographs of your city or country and visit the same locations today, snap a pic and share the two side-by-side.

Find new sources for content

Finding new sources to your list of existing ones can take time, so make use of websites such as Almighty Press or Feedly that curate content and deliver news directly to your inbox. Almighty Press lists the most popular news articles and their current engagement so that you can create similar content around trending topics.

You can search for relevant keywords, phrases or websites to narrow your search results. There are additional filters for time and date ranges that allow you to find the most recent articles or engagement filters that show you the most popular topics.

Almighty Press does have a sign-up fee but there are free alternative sites that are available too. The price may be worth the convenience of having articles sent directly to you, or for the most trending current news to be sourced more easily.

Search Twitter’s Business Blog

Twitter offers a feature where the most popular upcoming events can be sent straight to you. Twitter’s Business Blog will create a calendar a week before the end of each month consisting of next month’s most anticipated events.

This calendar provides you with trending events and the expected impressions associated with each one. It is a great source of inspiration when setting up monthly schedules and content calendars.

All of these tools and websites will help you find new sources of inspiration for your monthly content. Keeping your website fresh and your social media channels active is one of the best ways to build an audience interested in your business.


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