The importance of well-designed internal communication collateral

internal communication design

Internal communication design within an organisation are crucial for creating a cohesive and productive work environment. From memos to email newsletters, the way a company communicates information to its employees can greatly affect the effectiveness of the message. However, it’s not just the content that matters, but also the design. Well-designed internal communications can help increase engagement, comprehension, and retention of information.

One of the key benefits of having well-designed internal communications is that it can improve engagement. A visually appealing and well-organised piece can grab employees’ attention and motivate them to read further. Communication that is difficult to read or visually unappealing can cause employees to lose interest and potentially miss important information. Well-designed communication can also reflect a company’s culture and values, showing employees that their organisation cares about creating a positive work environment.

Another benefit of well-designed internal communications is that it can improve comprehension. Collateral that is easy to read and understand is more likely to be retained by employees. Design elements such as typography, layout, and color can help organise and highlight key information, making it easier for employees to understand and remember.

Retention of information is also a key benefit of well-designed internal communications. Employees who are able to quickly and easily find important information are more likely to remember it. Well-designed communication can help employees retain information by using visual cues to emphasise important points, organising information in a clear and concise manner, and utilising a consistent design throughout all communications.

From a design perspective, well-designed internal communications also help to build brand consistency. By utilising consistent colors, fonts, and design elements, internal communications can help reinforce a company’s brand and create a sense of unity among employees.

In conclusion, well-designed internal communications play a vital role in creating a cohesive and productive work environment. It helps to increase engagement, comprehension, and retention of information, which ultimately leads to a more informed and effective workforce. Design should not be overlooked in the development of internal communications, as it can greatly impact the success of the message being communicated.

For over a decade, Sorted Design Agency has been specialising in designing effective internal communication systems. We understand the importance of crafting a well-designed internal communication strategy that aligns with your company’s goals, culture, and brand identity. With our expertise, we can help you create a clear and consistent message and visual that resonates with your employees and fosters engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help you optimise your internal communication design.



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