Signs that your marketing strategy needs licensed content

Sometimes content marketing strategies can benefit from licensed content – that which is created by a third-party and can be published directly to your website once the copyrights have been cleared. Licensed content can be a strategic and effective tool to boost your marketing strategy with additional articles from expert sources. Here are three signs […]

Tips for writing enticing content

What’s the point of content marketing if no one reads your articles? The whole point is to build an audience and get them to engage with your content, product or brand. This means that your articles need to be enticing; they need to capture an audience and either help them solve a problem or convince […]

Tips for ending writer’s block

Writer’s block – the most frustrating feeling that wraps its claws around all wordsmiths at some point in time. Also known as creator’s block, this mental blankness has a tendency to strike at the most inconvenient time. It affects all creators, from authors and journalists to artists and designers. Writer’s block is the inability to […]

Tips for writing good anchor text

Google has a sophisticated algorithm for ranking websites. Dodgy SEOs used to employ a range of dirty tactics to boost website rankings, such as keyword stuffing and spam backlinks. Nowadays, Google is able to recognise these hacks and penalise sites that use them. One of the most notorious updates released by Google is known as […]

How to start B2B copywriting

If you’re a freelancer looking to expand your scope or if you run a marketing startup, business-to-business (B2B) copywriting can be a new skill set to acquire. Being a writer means that you need to have flexibility in your craft – you should know how to write for different audiences and markets. B2B copywriting is […]

Content versus copy: when writing and editing differ

It’s true; not all writers can edit and not all editors can write, but what are some of the more subtle differences between these jobs? Outside of the marketing sphere, you’ll often hear the words ‘content writing’, ‘copywriting’ and ‘copy editing’ being used interchangeably. However, there are key differences between all three which make them […]