The seven principles of design for websites

Like all art forms, good design relies on a few basic principles. Elements such as colour, space and composition play an important role in design and can evoke various reactions from the audience. Good design does not always have to stick to all of the principles, but utilising them is a sure way to create […]

What is website usability, anyway?

Website usability is commonly referred to as the user experience (or UX). Basically, it’s how easy and intuitive it is for visitors to navigate and use your website. The layout and design of your website directly affect its usability. Are your menus simplified? Do your users automatically know where to click for certain information? Can […]

Tips to increase your mobile search traffic

Mobile users account for just over half of all internet traffic, according to 2018 statistics. This means that businesses and website owners need to optimise their sites for mobile and ensure that they tap into this huge source of traffic. A lot of this mobile traffic comes from social media apps on smartphones, where users […]

Less is always more when it comes to UI design

Design is all about flow and perception. Be it graphic, web, logo or layout design, the aim to have the eye flow naturally along a progression while having a certain aesthetic to the design. Humans are highly perceptive beings and an overload of sensory stimulation can throw our brains off, which is why good design […]