How website design affects your traffic

There are many factors of a website that affect its performance on search engines. From content and design to search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics, a website’s ranking on Google is dependant on a variety of co-dependent variables. While SEO may sound like an intimidating topic, it is actually quite intuitive. If you have unique content […]

What is website usability, anyway?

Website usability is commonly referred to as the user experience (or UX). Basically, it’s how easy and intuitive it is for visitors to navigate and use your website. The layout and design of your website directly affect its usability. Are your menus simplified? Do your users automatically know where to click for certain information? Can […]

Less is always more when it comes to UI design

Design is all about flow and perception. Be it graphic, web, logo or layout design, the aim to have the eye flow naturally along a progression while having a certain aesthetic to the design. Humans are highly perceptive beings and an overload of sensory stimulation can throw our brains off, which is why good design […]