SEO tactics that may penalise your site

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) seems daunting and complicated. This often causes website owners, marketers and content producers to take shortcuts. The easiest ways to get higher rankings and more traffic can sometimes also get your site penalised and blacklisted by Google. Sometimes websites use SEO techniques that achieve quick results but break […]

Use link building to improve SEO

One of the major factors determining search engine rankings is links. Whether internal or external, links are a sign that your content is important. Websites with more links generally rank higher, but if you have too many links, Google will penalise your site for link stuffing. It’s good SEO practice to link content on your […]

Tactics of a successful agency

Beyond SEO strategies and marketing methods, what makes a great agency truly successful? Is it loyal clients with deep pockets, or a dedicated team of hard-working professionals? Truth be told, it’s a bit of both, but there are certainly a few tactics that successful agencies employ to make their company better than the rest. In […]