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Based in Pretoria & Cape Town, Sorted Design Agency is an identity development, advertising and information design agency. At Sorted we believe that we create the perfect blend between logic and creativity. We know that the key for your business to be exceptional, is underlined in the way it is visually presented.
At Sorted Design Agency we assist your company to successfully communicate its core values in a brand system to get to the heart of your product or service. We strive to solve problems, we draw creativity from chaos, and we’re a pleasant bunch of very skilled people.
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Sorted Design Agency was founded in Pretoria in 2006. We wanted to chance the perception of a studio/agency as something approachable. Having worked at other agencies locally and abroad, we have discovered that we don’t really like most of them. We did not want to be like the rest of them. We’re approachable, friendly – you want us to work on your brand, which is a very personal thing to some, we need to be able to communicate.
Since we’ve opened another studio in Cape Town. This happened in 2010. We’ve also expanded our services into in-house printing. Initially just for our own agency clients, but we’ve decided to set it up as a brand, to stand on its own. The Ink Fish Print Studio was born. Residing in both Pretoria and Cape Town in the same building as the agencies. Today we’re a team of 12 people. An exceptional mix of creatives, accountants, executives and production staff. Happy to help, willing to solve.
Featured Services

Identity Development

Every company or brand is a story that must be told. Identity development is more than just a logo and business card. Our identity development approach creates unique and effective visual identities and can cover everything from naming your business to choosing your corporate colour palette, paper and photography style.

Web Design

The aim is combine functional design and beautiful code to solve business problems in a visual way to provide user friendly, meaningful experiences.

Communication / Graphic Design

Things, shapes, fonts, colours on pages… Visual communication through graphic design. Brochures, posters, books, reports, icons, info-graphics, folders, social media banners… anything.

social digital seo

Don’t let your identity be a social outcast… Nothing grieves us more that seeing an unconsidered logo cropped onto a Twitter Profile pic, or a haphazard photo squeezed into a Facebook banner. Make sure your identity is club-ready. Further to this, make sure it has friends… check out our content marketing section.


If you are planning to put it in a box or bottle it needs proper packaging. Literally the clothes you put your product in. We’ll assist you in creating gorgeous enticing I-want-this-I-need-this packaging. We will also advise you on materials/ paper/ substrates to use.


Your printed collateral says as much about your company as a good pair of shoes. There’s no point in having a great smile with horrible shoes. Your print collateral can be anything from brochures, flyers right through to your annual report. To make the deal even sweeter, we offer in-house printing, full service at your service.

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Home appliances
Cement and concrete
Building environment
Fragrance and cosmetics
Sport equipment
Chemicals and compounds
Tool hire
Sunglasses and reading glasses
Recycling services
Property development
Customer loyalty
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