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LinkedIn for marketers: new changes
by josh
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LinkedIn can be a powerful social media platform for marketers; yes, it’s more professional than Facebook and the other channels but that doesn’t make it any less valuable when trying to reach an audience.

Recently, LinkedIn overhauled their site and made some changes that work in favour of marketing and networking campaigns. Here are the changes that marketers should know about.

Background photos have more space

The old LinkedIn profile photos used to be centred. They have now shifted to the left-hand side, creating more usable space for the background image (or cover photo). The size of the background image remains the same, but now you can upload banners with text in that space and it won’t be obstructed by the profile photo.

Any important information that appears on the left-hand side of your background image, such as logos or contact info, will now be obstructed by the profile photo. Be sure to move it so that it’s easily visible.

The new background images are great for designing branded visuals and offer space for more calls-to-action. To upload a new background image, click the pencil icon in the introduction section. Then, in the ‘Edit Intro’ box, click the pencil icon again. This is where you can choose a new background image and adjust the settings.

Longer summary text displays

The character count in the summary section of your profile has increased from 200 to 300 words. You can take advantage of the slightly longer display by engaging your viewers and enticing them to click ‘Show More’.

For example, you can pose a common question and your viewers can see the answer when the click ‘Show More’, or explain how you can solve a problem. The idea is to show viewers of your profile how you can help them.

Besides the longer summary text displays, the rest of your introduction section has changed, with most things shifting to the left. Your contact info, current experience, education and connections now appear in the introduction section.

More media for your summary section

You can now display six pieces of media in your summary section, as opposed to two on the old interface. These will show even when the section is collapsed.

This is a great space to show off blog posts, PDFs, photographs, videos, product demonstrations, presentations or a portfolio. This makes LinkedIn a better resource for marketers and freelancers.

Native video available on company profiles

The old LinkedIn interface allowed native videos (videos uploaded directly to LinkedIn) to be displayed on personal profiles, but not company pages. Now, you can upload and share videos on your company page. You can use this feature to upload similar (or the same) video content that is already on your website.

To do so, click on the camera icon on your company page and upload a video. Note that this option has only been released for desktop, mobile options will follow soon. You can upload an about us video, product demos, video testimonials and more. Native videos now get more visibility.

When uploading your video, you can add a 1300 character description, so make use of this space and include hashtags. For more traction, you can pin the video to the top of your page.

GIFs available when messaging

Like all messaging apps and services, GIFs have become a fun way to express yourself. You can now send and receive GIFs via the LinkedIn mobile app or on the desktop message service.

GIFs are a great way to show your sense of humour and lighter side, but they can also come across as inappropriate in certain contexts. Being a professional platform, you need to know your audience and when to use a GIF. You wouldn’t want to send a cat GIF to a CEO reaching out to you with a potential job offer.

Find nearby LinkedIn users for better networking

There’s a new feature called ‘Find Nearby’ that uses your cell phone network to locate nearby LinkedIn users. The feature can be switched off, so it will only show you people who have it turned on and are in a nearby location.

To find the feature, open your LinkedIn phone app and tap the ‘My Network’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap on ‘Find Nearby’ and follow the prompts. The feature will turn on your Bluetooth network.

This feature is useful at conferences and expos where you can find people to network and connect with in person. It’s a great way to meet with prospective contacts and introduce yourself.

These recent changes have made LinkedIn a better tool for marketers and professionals looking to increase their visibility and opportunities. Make use of the new changes and step up your LinkedIn presence and business representation.


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