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Guide your social media traffic into a sales funnel
by josh
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Your social media channels can act as a large web to grab potential customers. You need to utilise it properly and efficiently to convert some of your followers into paying customers. Not only can social media increase your income, it can also drive traffic to your website and products pages.

Your social media can be a great sales funnel for your business – capturing leads, building trust and convincing people to do business with you. To optimise your sales funnel, there are a few steps that you need to follow.

Work out your conversion rate

You need to calculate how well your sales funnel is working currently. This will give you a comparison after you include social media and allow you to set realistic targets. You can also use this data to assess which social media channel is working the best for your business as time progresses.

Online tools such as Oribi offer paid solutions to sales funnel analytics. Oribi assigns your website a unique tracking code which it uses to crawl your site and find all of your subscription forms, checkout pages and thank-you messages. It will track the traffic generated by these pages and forms to analyse your conversions.

Oribi will give you a breakdown of your overall conversion and the conversion rate of each page or channel that you own. This can give you an idea of which social media platform is performing well for your sales.

Set a new conversion rate goal

Now that you know what pages of your website and social media channels to focus your efforts on, you need to establish a realistic goal. This new conversion target needs to be reachable but also challenging.

A great place to look for an achievable target is the industry benchmark. A google search will give you the latest averages in your industry. You should aim to beat the industry average conversion rate, and eventually reach the top 10% of websites in your field.

For example, you can aim to increase your conversion rate by 0.5% in six months, or 1% in a year. If you meet this goal by the end of the period, you can increase the target percentage slightly for the next period by making changes to your social media strategy.

Increase your social media conversions

There are a number of ways to improve your current social media conversion rate. Firstly, you could offer a social signup option on any of your landing pages, giving visitors the chance to subscribe to your social media accounts from your website.

By signing up with their social media, your visitors don’t have to enter any of their details to be added to your form – you can capture their email addresses through their social media.

You can include a variety of social media from which to sign up, but these should be the channels that work best for your conversions. Limit the number of options to three or four form maximum effect.

The second way to increase your social media conversions is to add a share button after signup. This way, visitors can view your content before sharing your website. Most people won’t share a website or article until they’ve seen it and understood what it’s about.

You could also include a share button on your thank-you page, where visitors can share your link after they have signed up for your services. Don’t limit the share button to your homepage only.

Improve your social presence to drive traffic

Once you’ve optimised your site for converting your social media traffic, you can then start improving your social presence. This will drive targeted traffic to your site that has a better conversion rate.

Remember to focus on a few social media channels rather than all of them – the ones that perform the best for you should be your go-to platforms. Monitor these platforms regularly and respond to your audience’s questions, concerns and compliments.

Use social listening tools (such as Mention) to track when your company is mentioned, even if you haven’t been tagged. These tools look for your social handles and keywords to see what people are saying about your business or your main competitor.

By engaging with your audience, you can build trust and eventually refer them to your website where they can enter your sales funnel. This does require effort and a dedicated social team, but your conversion rate will improve drastically.

To wrap up, your social media channels can expand your sales funnel and improve your conversions rates when utilised properly. You have the potential to reach thousands of new customers through your social media, so knowing the right way to optimise these platform for sales conversions can improve your income.

Spend some time developing your sales funnel and optimising your website for conversions. Implement updated social media strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website where you can turn visitors into paying customers.


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