Your customers can actually be one of your most important marketing tools. By looking out for your customers and giving them a positive experience when dealing with your business, they can spread praise of your products and services.

Not only does customer satisfaction encourage return buyers, it also makes them more likely to tell their friends and family about your wonderful company. Never neglect your customers and lose sight of their individual experiences.

Value your customers

Many modern businesses tend to focus on search engine rankings, website traffic and social media followers. While these metrics can be a sign of a good company, they don’t necessarily reflect the customer service or quality of the product. Rankings can be boosted through internal digital marketing tactics which increases traffic to a website.

A truly good business will grow through offering a quality product and by solving a problem that the customers face. The best businesses do this quickly, efficiently and by putting the customer first.

In turn, the customer then speaks highly of the company in their social circles – effectively marketing your brand on your behalf. People value the opinions of their friends and families and trust their judgement. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most valuable tools that businesses can leverage through customer care.

Brands are built through word-of-mouth

Think of your favourite brand; chances are you haven’t seen an advert recently for that business, but people around you always talk about the brand. You’re likely to agree with shared perceptions of a brand in your social circles and value the product offered by that brand.

Most of the big-name companies have grown rapidly because of word-of-mouth marketing. When you first signed up for Facebook, did you do it because of a convincing advert? Or did your friends convince you to get an account by talking highly of the network?

Word-of-mouth is an often overlooked aspect of a company’s growth. Some businesses spend millions on marketing and advertising with varying degrees of success. But the companies that truly care about their customers are the ones that secure loyal consumers through word-of-mouth marketing.


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Sorted also owns two other businesses; InkFish Print Studio – a printing company that handles a range of promotional materials for businesses and other services for individual customers, and Pampiri + Kie – a gifts and stationery store selling online and in-store. Both of these companies operate from Cape Town and Pretoria.


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