Create a landing page that converts customers

If your business depends on online sales, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you can direct to your website if the visitors don’t convert. Whether you have extensive backlinks on other sites, an effective social media network or a paid partnership and advertising campaign, if your visitors don’t like what they see on the landing page, they won’t buy your products.

Internet users are picky and don’t like to waste time trying to search for something on a website. Your landing page needs to be simple, clear and intuitive to use. The visitor should find what they’re looking for within a couple of seconds.

There are a couple of online tools that can help you create a landing page that boosts conversions. Alternatively, you can design one yourself but remember to keep it simple and straightforward so that the users know what steps they should take next.

Keep the landing page simple

Many websites and marketers try to overcomplicate their landing pages and offerings. This just confuses visitors and makes them want to exit the site immediately. Don’t bombard your users with disruptive and annoying popups. Remove any unnecessary form fields that you don’t actually need.

Make it simple and easy to sign up for offerings. Keep your copy clear and remove the fluff – your visitors don’t want to spend time reading long and boring text, so get straight to the heart of your offering. The best landing pages are the most simple and concise.

The only time long landing pages with a lot of text work is when the copy addresses popular concerns that users have about your product or offering. By addressing these common queries before the user signs up, you can help them to make a better decision.

Have a unique value proposition

Too many websites have popups that offer free reports and newsletters. Internet users don’t respond well to these offerings because they aren’t amazing or unique. Make sure that your value proposition is creative, helpful and unique.

Offer free online courses to users who submit their name an email address. Allow them to choose a day and time that is convenient for them. By helping you visitors as best you can, your landing page is more likely to convert them.

Go above and beyond with your offering; give your visitors something of value. Your value proposition should resonate with your users and solve a problem that they’re facing. Make sure the copy is clear and concise so that your visitors understand what you’re offering and how it will help them.

Show evidence of your success

Use your landing page to show visitors why your product or offering works. Take advantage of social proof in the form of testimonials, case studies or even videos of clients who are happy with your offering.

Internet users are far more likely to trust the opinion of other customers over the word of your business. Video testimonials are also more convincing than a written quote as users can see that the person in the video is real and being genuine.

More skeptical visitors might question the authenticity of a written testimonial. By showing potential customers that your offering has had true value for other people, your landing page is more likely to get conversions.

Include a video of your offering

Your landing page should have a video of your offering or product. Internet users are more likely to watch a one-minute video than read a page of text. They are also more likely to share the video on their social media channels.

The video should also explain your offering in detail. Users should know what to expect before they opt-in or sign up to buy your product or service. Keep the video short (less than one minute is ideal) as this conforms to the ‘keep it simple’ tip above.

Like the copy on your landing page, the video should also answer any concerns that your users might have before they take the next step. When creating the video, make sure that it follows a logical order as this will help to get the point across to your users.

Online tools for creating landing pages

If your landing page is complicated and full of content that can make the visitor feel overwhelmed, there are some sites that can help you. Instapage and ClickFunnels will create landing pages that are best suited to your type of business.

You can also use these sites to look at some of the best landing pages on their other clients’ websites. You can draw inspiration from the top-converting pages and implement some of the ideas on your own landing page.

The top-performing landing pages on these sites are based on actual data, so you can guarantee that they work for real internet users. Pay attention to the layout and button placements on these landing pages so you can implement a similar design on your own.

These tips should make your landing page more effective. By keeping them simple, clear and intuitive, your website will maximise conversions and generate more leads for your business.


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