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SEO tactics that may penalise your site

09 Oct 2018

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) seems daunting and complicated. This often causes website owners, marketers and content producers to take shortcuts. The easiest ways to get higher rankin ...

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Why short URLs are better for SEO

11 Sep 2018

Website owners and content marketers know that having a short URL is better for SEO. You should be customising all your URLs when you upload content to your site so that you don’t have long, complic ...

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SEO metrics you may be misinterpreting

11 Sep 2018

Tracking your SEO metrics is an important part of understanding what resonates with your audience. It allows you to understand what they like (or don’t like) and enables you to plan your future cont ...

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How to rank in localised search results

24 Aug 2018

Ranking highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) is a top priority for all websites. It takes years of good search engine optimisation (SEO) practice and a proper content marketing plan to featur ...

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Use link building to improve SEO

10 Aug 2018

One of the major factors determining search engine rankings is links. Whether internal or external, links are a sign that your content is important. Websites with more links generally rank higher, but ...

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Tips for writing good anchor text

27 Jul 2018

Google has a sophisticated algorithm for ranking websites. Dodgy SEOs used to employ a range of dirty tactics to boost website rankings, such as keyword stuffing and spam backlinks. Nowadays, Google i ...

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Drive foot traffic with Google AdWords

22 Jun 2018

Online businesses are booming and e-commerce stores are growing year-on-year, but there is still a need for local foot traffic for many businesses to survive. If your business depends on actual custom ...

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