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Tips for using animations on your website

09 Nov 2018

Many modern websites use animations to make the web page more visually appealing and eye-catching. Animations can be used to draw the reader's’ attention to something or to highlight a certain featu ...

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When to design with your instincts

27 Sep 2018

Sometimes complex problems have simple solutions. Nowadays we tend to overcomplicate things, overthink our ideas and overwork the product or process. Yet, the easiest and most obvious solution is ofte ...

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The seven principles of design for websites

21 Sep 2018

Like all art forms, good design relies on a few basic principles. Elements such as colour, space and composition play an important role in design and can evoke various reactions from the audience. ...

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How website design affects your traffic

11 Sep 2018

There are many factors of a website that affect its performance on search engines. From content and design to search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics, a website’s ranking on Google is dependant on ...

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What the font? Top sites for free typefaces

31 Aug 2018

Unless you’re a designer, you probably don’t care much for fonts. However, choosing the right one can actually improve the readability of an article or the design of a logo. You don’t have to be ...

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What is website usability, anyway?

31 Aug 2018

Website usability is commonly referred to as the user experience (or UX). Basically, it’s how easy and intuitive it is for visitors to navigate and use your website. The layout and design of your we ...

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Tips to increase your mobile search traffic

03 Aug 2018

Mobile users account for just over half of all internet traffic, according to 2018 statistics. This means that businesses and website owners need to optimise their sites for mobile and ensure that the ...

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Design by committee

17 Jun 2018

First of all... what is this term you speak of? Well, if you're a marketing manager, co-ordinator or liaison who works directly with your designer or design company, you've probably been guilty of 'de ...

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