When did LinkedIn turn into Facebook?

Was it when people started posting pictures of their pets or the delicious meal they just had for lunch? Or was it when the cat memes started infiltrating your newsfeed? As a professional networking site, LinkedIn was supposed to be a place for people to connect with other professionals, share their work experiences, and showcase […]

Things to consider before posting on social media

Social media has become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, providing a platform for individuals and businesses alike to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions with the world. However, with this increased freedom to express ourselves comes the responsibility to do so thoughtfully and with consideration for others. To help guide your decision-making process, […]

How Social Media Marketing is like going on a blind date.

In his book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, Gary Vaynerchuck talks about how Social Media Marketing (SMM) is like a boxing match. That is a great analogy and you should read the book.* Another way I like to look at it is by comparing SMM to going on a blind date: To try and improve […]

Signs that your marketing strategy needs licensed content

Sometimes content marketing strategies can benefit from licensed content – that which is created by a third-party and can be published directly to your website once the copyrights have been cleared. Licensed content can be a strategic and effective tool to boost your marketing strategy with additional articles from expert sources. Here are three signs […]

Build an archive of evergreen content

You need to invest time and budget into content marketing and one of the most efficient ways to get maximum results is to produce evergreen content. This is content that is timeless – it is not event-based and does not ‘expire’ or become old news. Content marketing can be an expensive process if you’re not […]

Create a landing page that converts customers

If your business depends on online sales, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you can direct to your website if the visitors don’t convert. Whether you have extensive backlinks on other sites, an effective social media network or a paid partnership and advertising campaign, if your visitors don’t like what they see on the landing […]

When to use different file types for images

Most people know that different file types exist for images, but have no idea why or how they differ. They only understand and use JPEG for all their needs, but sometimes this is not the right file type for a job. Understanding the different file types is important for web owners as they can improve […]

What the font? Top sites for free typefaces

Unless you’re a designer, you probably don’t care much for fonts. However, choosing the right one can actually improve the readability of an article or the design of a logo. You don’t have to be a designer to spot a bad typeface. Of all the things we read throughout the day, we rarely pay attention […]

Tips for writing enticing content

What’s the point of content marketing if no one reads your articles? The whole point is to build an audience and get them to engage with your content, product or brand. This means that your articles need to be enticing; they need to capture an audience and either help them solve a problem or convince […]

Tips for ending writer’s block

Writer’s block – the most frustrating feeling that wraps its claws around all wordsmiths at some point in time. Also known as creator’s block, this mental blankness has a tendency to strike at the most inconvenient time. It affects all creators, from authors and journalists to artists and designers. Writer’s block is the inability to […]