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Create your own brand identity

06 Feb 2019

There’s no substitute for professional marketing and branding services offered by agencies, but what if your budget is really tight? For small businesses, startups and freelancers who don’t have ...

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Why brands use emotions to get you to buy

09 Oct 2018

Some of the best adverts use emotions to capture the audience. They are often the most effective at getting consumers to buy products and share the ads online. Whether nostalgic, sad, funny or light-h ...

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Influencer marketing and fake followers

20 Jul 2018

The latest trend in promotions, influencer marketing, has become highly popular because of the increased returns on investment. It’s a successful strategy that leads to more sales conversions than r ...

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Tips to optimise your email conversions

06 Jul 2018

Many businesses run email marketing campaigns that are aimed at converting subscribers into paying customers. These marketing strategies give you a bank of contacts but the conversion rate can sometim ...

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Tactics of a successful agency

22 Jun 2018

Beyond SEO strategies and marketing methods, what makes a great agency truly successful? Is it loyal clients with deep pockets, or a dedicated team of hard-working professionals? Truth be told, it’s ...

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what gives a brand value?

14 May 2018

Look at this shoe: What do you estimate its value should be?  To answer this question, we will need to see a breakdown of what it costs to produce a sneaker of this kind.  Luckily, Nike veter ...

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