Build an archive of evergreen content

You need to invest time and budget into content marketing and one of the most efficient ways to get maximum results is to produce evergreen content. This is content that is timeless – it is not event-based and does not ‘expire’ or become old news.

Content marketing can be an expensive process if you’re not attracting the right readers and customers to your business. If your content is badly-written or produced, it will reflect negatively on your business offerings.

Similarly, if you’re producing content that isn’t related to your offerings, then you’ll attract readers who will never become your customers. Content marketing has the potential to attract the right audience and drive business for your company, but it needs to be done right in order to see returns on the investment.

Evergreen content stays relevant for years to come

Evergreen content takes a broader look at industry-related topics and answers recurring questions that your readers may have. An evergreen article should attract readers throughout its lifespan, from the moment it’s uploaded to five or more years down the line. It can be recycled into other content yet still remain relevant.

Some of the best evergreen articles offer advice and share enduring ideas that can help the reader for years to come. Evergreen content remains relevant for so long because it addresses universal problems related to your industry.

Evergreen content ensures that you get readers and traffic flowing to your site over a long period of time and it only took the effort of writing one article. Think of it like passive income – the initial effort has long-term benefits that continue to show while you’re focusing on other tasks. It’s a far more efficient use of your resources.

Find the balance between evergreen and time-constrained content

Visitors viewing articles that are date-specific or event-related drops to almost zero in the first few days after the event. News stories often gain a lot of initial traffic for websites but those specific articles then lose their relevance as soon as the date has passed.

These time-constrained articles may be highly beneficial for your website if you’re trying to build hype around a product launch or some big industry-related news. They can encourage viewers to return to your site in the future.

A good content marketing strategy will strike a balance between long-term evergreen articles and the short-term news stories. The bulk of your website content should be timeless with a few event-based or news articles thrown in the mix.

Revisit old evergreen content to keep it fresh

You shouldn’t publish content and then forget about it, either. Just because it’s evergreen doesn’t mean that it needs updating and reviewing. Industries change and opinions shift, so make sure your old website content remains relevant by reviewing it every six months or so.

Don’t be afraid to reshare your older content on social media, especially if an article has been updated and reworked. If the content is truly evergreen, it will still be relevant to your audience and your new subscribers who may have missed it in the past.

Having a content marketing strategy that is primarily based on evergreen articles is a smart way for businesses to maximise on their initial investment. The time spent creating the content will result in long-term returns and traffic on the website.


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