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Tips for writing good anchor text

27 Jul 2018

Google has a sophisticated algorithm for ranking websites. Dodgy SEOs used to employ a range of dirty tactics to boost website rankings, such as keyword stuffing and spam backlinks. Nowadays, Google i ...

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Looking to hire designers? Start a blog

17 Jul 2018

A blog is a versatile business tool. Not only can it target a wide audience for your company and spread the news about your offerings, it can also be used by potential employees to get an understandin ...

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Brands can fix failing trust in social media

11 Jul 2018

The last year has seen a shift in attitude towards social media companies and the trust is diminishing. The recent Facebook scandal has led to international regulation changes such as the General Data ...

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How to start B2B copywriting

06 Jul 2018

If you’re a freelancer looking to expand your scope or if you run a marketing startup, business-to-business (B2B) copywriting can be a new skill set to acquire. Being a writer means that you need to ...

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